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The Sue Sylvester Shuffle. By this time, Kitty has stopped sabotaging Marley and trying to undermine her confidence; in "Shooting Star", while the glee club is locked up in the choir room after gunshots are heard, Kitty breaks down and admits that she altered Marley's Sandy costumes.

She performs a spirited rendition of Hung Up in the courtyard, directed to him but to the delight of Finn, Emma and the glee club as she seems to have finally accessed her inner-diva. Nude pics of joseline. Mike chang naked. She remains in the Troubletones to perform Edge of Glorysinging a short solo with Quinn, due to Mercedes' insistence. However, Blaine has moved on and is dating Dave Karofsky. They are too late though, and Sue announces they have been disqualified.

However, it isn't until the Season Four premiere that Tina seems to finally have opened completely about her feelings and thoughts. When the first pilot episode came out, I figured it was something different and something we haven't seen on TV before. Kurt comes out a winner! Afterwards, Sue arrives to see Becky off and informs Tina and Sam that she will be judging the Christmas tree contest, plotting to make sure that the glee club loses.

Retrieved September 26, She is used by the series' writers to say things no other character would, to the point that Morris considers some of her lines nonsensical. What she intends is not to merely be in Beth's life, but to get full custody of her daughter.

She has romantic feelings for Will. Sexy girls with big feet. Look Who's Playing Puck's Dad! Sue then blackmails Principal Figgins to reinstate the club, giving them another year to prove their worth to the school. Mike reveals that he plans to study pre-med and become a doctor to please his dad. She and other glee girls perform Express Yourselfand she attends the rehearsal in which Jesse joins the club. Sunshine tells Rachel that she has come to hate being in Vocal Adrenaline, and desperately wants to leave on the day of competition.

She admits maybe, but she says in the end, they did break up and it has really tested who she is and she likes who she is. Retrieved November 7, He is directed to a professional and begins treatment to improve his studying. Their relationship continues through the end of that first year. When Will tells the Glee Club that Coach Beiste quit after hearing about their cool-off technique and that they should be ashamed, Finn clarifies that it was only the boys and as Mike points out, Tina who did it.

Retrieved April 5, On the very next play, she picks up a fumbled ball and heads down the field with it, but is tackled hard by an opposing player and appears to have been knocked unconscious. Rachel encourages her to perform and apologizes for what she did to her at the beginning of the year. In a controversial essay for Newsweekcritic Ramin Setoodeh wrote that Groff, who is openly gay, was unconvincing as the straight Jesse "he seems more like your average theatre queen; a better romantic match for Kurt than Rachel".

Despite this, she still gets pushed up against the lockers, and it is heavily implied Karofsky and Azimio beat up her and Kurt. Mike approached Puck quickly, frowning, though inevitable keeping his eyes on Puck's trousers, following his hand.

His resumed relationship with Rachel ultimately fails when Finn suddenly kisses her in the middle of a Nationals performance and Rachel chooses to get back together with him. Foto sexi girl generation. Gregg Henry and Charlotte Ross play Quinn's parents Russell and Judy Fabray in the tenth episode; Ross makes additional appearances in each of the first three seasons.

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The two of them come to blows over her in the choir room, and are assigned to share their deepest fears with one another by Finn, who is directing the club while Will is in Washington.

At Sectionals, tensions are high among the Glee Club members; Tina tells Mike that he is a jerk and joins Rachel and Artie in threatening to not perform. Sexy nude whores. Before the New Directions perform, she is visibly excited to go onstage sharing joyful smiles with Finn, Marley and Sugar. Mike chang naked. At the end Tina sings along with the others I Lived. Whit Hertford appears as Dakota Stanley, a glee club choreographer who worked for Vocal Adrenaline early in season one, and was briefly hired by New Directions. Kurt walks to her as Rachel tries to get up, telling her to not stress herself.

Kurt and Adam subsequently begin seeing each other, though the relationship doesn't become serious. A week later, she was cast as Brittany.

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Schue that someone took everything that the Glee Club was going to give to the homeless, not knowing that Sue had secretly taken all of the presents back and ransacked the club's Christmas decorations.

Burt and Carole briefly live together, until he throws Finn out for using a homophobic slur against Kurt. Her anger reaches a breaking point, when he announces Finn will be filling in his position for the time-being. I think Ken is not happy with where he is in life. Sexy hot girls chat free. In " Prom Queen ", when Karofsky wins prom king and Kurt, shockingly, wins prom queen, the two walk onto the floor for the traditional king and queen dance, but Karofsky is unable to come out as Kurt suggests, and leaves.

In its original broadcast, "Bad Reputation" was watched by When Artie finishes, he rolls to Tina, who praises him, and they hug, Artie looking happy. Archived from the original on 7 May Retrieved March 27, Tina Cohen-Chang Jayma Mays Acafellas When Will is too busy with the Acafellas and has no time for the Glee club, Tina and the girls go in search of Dakota Stanleythe choreographer of Vocal Adrenaline.

Sue arranges to have the cheerleading regionals competition moved to conflict with the football championship, and she forces Quinn, Brittany and Santana to quit glee club, which has to perform the halftime show since the Cheerios will be absent; the three of them ultimately perform with the glee club, resigning from the Cheerios.

They become parents with Rachel as their surrogate. She sleeps with him once, though she tells him afterward she has made a mistake, to his disgust, and subsequently resigns from McKinley.

Sexy Brittany thinks she's pregnant and reveals this to Santana, asking that it be kept secret, but Santana immediately turns around and tells Tina, who tells Puck, who tells Lauren, who tells Artie. This information makes Tina smile.

Will has the students apologize and earn her forgiveness. Retrieved October 4, Kennedy deemed the "Ice Ice Baby" performance his least favourite moment of the entire series thus far.

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She does not return for the rest of the series, though mentioned by Kitty that since she and her friends were transferred, she lost contact with her.

She is later transferred to another school by Sue Sylvester as she wants to remove all the remaining members of Glee Club in the school. Big boob celebs nude. She and the girls then agree to perform a song by the "Spice Girls" for the week's assignment. After this, the two become especially close friends. Retrieved December 6, He explains that they were needed in order to complete the twelve member lineup to compete at Sectionals, prompting Tina to sarcastically snap back, telling him to call Santana back from Kentucky again, because shes apparently 'better than anyone actually enrolled here', referring to Finn calling Santana to play Rizzo in the musical, when Wade dropped out.

She says to Santana she must be happy to ditch her Cheerios uniform and put on the one at the University of Louisville when she goes to congratulate Mike on getting his scholarship, to which she says she can't wait for. Sexy braileanca xxx She also provides backup vocals. He is a member of the hockey team who slushies Finn, [42] but by " Theatricality " he's on the football team with his friend and fellow bully Azimio James Earl ; [44] they regularly target members of New Directions.

Though, she claps with the rest, when Finn suggests Grease as the musical. The episode premiered on the Fox network on May 4, Artie tells her its crazy.

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Brenda bakke nude photos Mercedes interrupts her and asks about Brown University.
LESBIAN VIDEO HARD Archived from the original on November 10, Blaine had volunteered to help Mike after he had seen him and Puck going at it under the bleachers the other day.

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