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BTW, you looked magnificent during that magazine shoot! Mean girls are ugly girls. Anyway I was told the coast was clear and started the walk to the court and sure enough Ramona walks back into the foyer and a friend of hers saw me and the surprise was blown.

How frustrating is it being in a room with a bunch of self righteous brunettes? Inga I just figured out something. Chaka khan nude pics. Alex van kempen nude photos. Click here to view the nude Alex McCord Photos. Get advice about what to watch and keep up with the latest in reality television with reality blurred's e-mail newsletter.

To thine own self be true, Alex! Slightly Larger Kids, Big City. Alex was screaming just as much as the other housewives, her face was scary, calm was not exactly what I saw. Mean and nasty never win friends, so disappointed in you and Simon. U seem to be one of the most educated and well-versed — Why are u letting ur image be tarnished?

How am I going to be able to explain that one! The series was renewed for a next period on April 15, ,[citation needed] and premiered February 17,having a sixth "housewife", Kelly Killoren Bensimon.

The NYC housewives have been a favorite of mine from the beginning but last night was down right annoying. Permalink Filed in TV Tags: LOL, just realized Bravo has recently blocked me from commenting on their blogs, at first I thought it was my AV, but I have no problem commenting on other except on Bravo.

If she sits there and just takes the abuse, she looks stupid and everyone will call her on that. May you continue to have love and friendship with Simon and with the chums as they grow up. Porn big tits japan. I think this is the last time we will see this incarnation of the ladies together. My husband was a pain in the butt for 6 months during his quitting period. Hope she got some advice from Luann.

Is selling yourself for 15 minutes of fame worth it? The truth is to them what Kryptonite was to Superman. I hope you and your ugly, stuck-in-the-closet husband die. Those are below and slightly NSFW.

Your better than this. Oh so next week I lose it in a limo. I think you may either need a hearing aid or new eye glass Rx or both. I really want to tell you how impressed I am with you both, I think you are classy with the right amount of spunk, and fun.

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After we finished taping, Simon and I grabbed Ramona and Sonja and headed to the Gawker Summer of Love partywhere climbing five flights of stairs was a cakewalk compared to listening to the brunettes all day….

There seemed to be a mixed reaction to Bethenny's comment. You do see that the reason they gang up on you is not because you have done anything wrong except speak the truth and call them out on dispicable behavior, right? I watched the reunion and was frankly shocked! Given that we're in Park Slope, do you have a pet peeve about New York parents?

I am so sorry that apparently all this has changed. Paris hilton nude pussy. The Lifetime look in her eyes is uncomfortable, to say the least. Looks like you need to look for a life of your own.

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Together, you and Simon are the most relatable individuals for this small-town East Tennessee gal. This shit is totally The Hills, cougar-style. Jill remains dirty and spiteful; Kelly? She was right about LuAnn. It seems like confrontation is not your style, but you are determined to speak your mind. Alex van kempen nude photos. If there are any more anti-bullying events on this show, please show the footage of the brunette couch….

A number of photos from the shoot were however found, though Alex's bits and pieces are covered up with stars, smiley faces etc, you still get the idea of what the photos look like. Mandy moore leaked nudes. The ladies usually are not all definitely housewives; the intent from the show[citation needed] would be to reveal the lifestyles of somewhat affluent, bourgeois ladies and their families living in New York.

That shit was way budget though. Alex has reached out so many times to both of those crow-dads, and they both have treated her with snarkyness everytime for no reason. Alex has said she isnt good at dealing with confrontation. You showed incredible patience and class in that moment. I am a 67 yr old person that is a wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother. InTouch magazine did an article on the pictures two years ago during which Alex said she was not ashamed of the photos.

The space is called Espace and photos of the evening can be found here. You are a piece of shit. Bethenny annoyingly mugged for the cameras as Sonja confessed her jealousy by admitting she wished she was up there.

It seems like Brooklyn may be a bit intimidating to blondes. Nia jax lesbian. Bethennyyou wore that outfit last week and I gave you a pass on the matchy-matchy shit because your body and face looked banging. Funny how alex cant defend herself when people speak their minds about her. At the reunion, you came across as shrill and mean-spirited.

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Well excepting Sonjia maybe. Alex, Congrats in secound place in the wwhl poll tied with romana. Amazing beach tits. Did you see some of the expressions on your face?

You could have come off classy if you had just kept your mouth shut. Just another way you inspire me! The reunion exclusive for that third year or so was filmed on Might 26, Who do they think they are that they are the ones to not only decide what they are but to impose them on everybody?

I have watched from the first season and I must say you are my favorite. Alex van kempen nude photos. That said, can we just sit where we want to sit please?

Looks like you need to look for a life of your own. You have plenty of fans that really love you and Simon, just wanted to say thanks for being super classy on the show and being a real breath of fresh air on a show that is going down the tubes, and I hope if the show fails that you and Simon get your own show…I would certainly watch.

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